In times of conflict and emergency, children’s lives are overturned. They lose their homes, their schools and sometimes their loved ones.

Art-in-a-Box, also called the Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation, is the first global kit created by UNICEF to provide adolescents with an outlet for creative expression to help overcome their trauma. This special tool offers guided activities proven to promote psychological healing through art, cultural traditions, problem solving, experimentation and innovation.

Now available in countries around the world, UNICEF first piloted Art-in-a-Box following the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005. Since then, UNICEF has enhanced the kit, incorporating feedback from program staff in Haiti, South Sudan and Indonesia.

Each Art-in-a-Box kit will reach 50 adolescents, ages 10-17, with art and innovation activities facilitated by trained leaders. Containing 45 items, the kit provides art supplies such as colored pencils, markers, paper, and scissors, as well as inspiration cards and emotion cubes to support life skills development and community engagement activities.

This gift provides one Art-in-a-Box kit that will reach 50 adolescents affected by emergency or conflict.

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