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All moms want the same thing this Mother's Day.

All moms want the same thing this Mother’s Day. They want the health and safety of those they love.

Mom's want the health and safety of those they love.

America is set to spend $19 billion on flowers and chocolate this Mother's Day, but what moms really want is to be together with their children, safe and sound. This year, shop for an alternative Mother's Day gift from the Mother's Day Moments Fund and UNICEF Inspired Gifts.These charitable gifts will help UNICEF respond to emergencies in places like Nepal, helping mothers protect and heal their children.

How it works:

  • Shop the Mother's Day Moments Collection

  • Dedicate a card to a mom in your life

  • Help keep mothers and children together

Shop the Mother's Day Moments Collection

Child eating the peanut-based paste, Plumpy nut, to fight malnutrition.”

Therapeutic Food


This gift provides 15 malnourished children with life saving nutrition for 5 days.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts Water Kit helps 10 families protect and provide clean water for themselves.

Water Kit


This gift helps 10 families provide safe, clean water for themselves.

UNICEF Inspired Gift Tent provides shelter to children after disasters.



This gift provides 1 tough-as-nails tent to protect children uprooted by crisis or emergency.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts Early Childhood Development Kit has puzzles and art materials to stimulate young minds

This gift gives joy and health to 50 vulnerable children.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts Baby Scales are essential tools for identifying infants who need nutritional supplements and treatments

Baby Scale


Every 10 seconds, 1 newborn baby dies from preventable causes. This Baby Scale gift provides 1 baby scale plus 5 weighing trousers to help track an infant's health.

Eat & Run


This bundle provides 300 packets of Micronutrient Powder and 25 Exercise Books to restore a child's strength and spirit.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts Therapeutic Milk gift delivers 90 packets of therapeutic milk to save children from famine and acute malnutrition

Therapeutic Milk


This gift sends 90 packets of milk to severely malnourished children.

Mother's Day Moments

We're uniting moms all over the world to celebrate love and togetherness. Share your Mother's Day Moment — just upload a photo of you and your mom (or your kids!) on social media, add the hashtag #GiveMOMents, and show that you're helping keep mothers and children together this Mother's Day.